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I found where one of my neighbors left the remains of a tom turkey today so there might be a few gory pics of it being skinned coming soon. As always I’ll tag them with “dead animal” and “gore.” Just wanted to give ya’ll a heads up! :)

31 Days of Vulture Culture - Day Thirty-One

31. Why is vulture culture the greatest?

Because it is a group of some of the most helpful, passionate, creative, respectful, caring, and intelligent folks I’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering. Love you guys!

31 Days of Vulture Culture - Days Twenty-Nine & Thirty

29) Do people help you find roadkill? Tell you where they see it? Bring you some?

Some times! My parents used to always stop with me to collect stuff (and still do for that matter if I’m hanging out with them!) and other family members and friends call or text me fairly frequently and tell me where they saw something dead. A couple friends even bring me stuff they find every now and then. They are awesome. :)

30) Where do you buy your peroxide? Be honest, how much do you have stashed away?

I usually just grab three or four bottles every time I go to the grocery store. Keeps me pretty well stocked that way! I’m actually a little low at the moment but I’ve probably got twenty-five or thirty bottles tucked away here and there in closets, under sinks, and out in my shed.

nopathfollowed said: Is there a way to fix them?

Re: paint on skulls.

Yup! Lots of acetone, scrubber brushes, and elbow grease. And some swearing. Lots of swearing, actually.

Sometimes you’ll get lucky and get one that was painted with water-soluble paint and that can be removed with a long soak in hot soapy water to loosen it up and then lots of scrubbing. But most of the ones I’ve done take acetone to get it off.

Then you’ve just gotta go through the usual maceration/degreasing/whitening process. :)

I picked up this pretty neat magazine a while back mainly because it has an article in it about using bones for art. It has some other great articles in it too!

Anyway, I though you all might enjoy this brief excerpt from the article about bones. Namely the part about Texas.

I’m definitely keeping that in mind in case I encounter anyone I want to woo. ;)

31 Days of Vulture Culture - Day Twenty-Four

24) Do you do Tumblr trades?

I actually never have! I used to have a bunch of trading buddies a few years ago on LJ but I just haven’t done much in a while. May have to do some of that again one of these days. :)