Pretty little velvety buck. He had a squirrel friend in the first pic.

LOADS of deer antlers in my Etsy shop right now. This is just a small sample. Got them in a nice variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Stop by and check them out!

I listed a ton of antlers in the shop earlier today! Some have already sold but there’s still some beauties in need of new homes. Stop by and check them out!

I bought this rad little buck with the intention of painting him but check out that huge hole in his head right above his shed antler!

Looks almost like a healed bullet hole but I can’t imagine how he could have survived something like that right in his brain case (no sign of an exit wound either) so I figure it might have been an injury from a fight with another buck or possibly an abscess. Either way, it was well on its way to healing when he died.

Tough critter! And now I can’t paint it so I’ll just add him to my collection of pathological skulls, haha.