Finished cleaning the spiny softshell turtle shell up! I could have gotten it whiter but it’s pretty fragile and I didn’t want to risk it falling apart. Such a cool find!

I swear there is some weird wave length that I pick up on at the creek. I was strolling around down there today and started thinking how odd it was, with all of the different kinds of turtles I’ve seen down there over the years, that I’ve never found a turtle shell. So I started thinking how cool it would be to find a big snapper or slider shell.

Not ten minutes later I stumbled upon something even cooler!

This little spiny softshell turtle shell was in about four feet of water at the base of a big tree. It was surrounded by super deep mud so it was a little tricky to get to but I finally fished it out. Such an awesome specimen! I’ll get it cleaned up and post some better pictures soon.