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31 Days of Vulture Culture - Day Five

5) Favorite object in your collection?

My favorite specimens in my collection are skulls and since that’s another day’s prompt here’s some of my other faves (that weren’t pictured yesterday).


Old set of African lion jaw bones that I found for $3, drum fish mouth plates, a spiny soft shell turtle shell that I found in my creek, clearnose skate egg cases I found on the beach, and a mummified rat that a friend of mine found in a barn and gave to me for a graduation present. :)

Possum Mummy. 

The hide is hard and odor free on the side where it remains. One ear and even the whiskers are still attached. The partial skeleton is visible on the other side. I’m planning to get a double-sided shadow box to display him in. His name is Jackson (because the guy I got him from lives in Jackson, TN).