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Well as much as I’d love to keep her myself this little gal needs to find a new home. If you could spread this post around that’d be awesome!

I found this little cutie out in the middle of a field earlier this week. She was super skinny and scared to death and I brought her home and have been showering her with TLC all week. She’s already put on weight. 

Not sure of age or breed but she’s still got puppy teeth and she’s definitely got some terrier in her. Super wiry hair. And how cute are those ears?

She gets along great with my coonhound (who usually despises other dogs) and my cats and she even has a healthy respect for my horses. Loves to play (especially with laser pointers) and is an excellent lapdog. She lets you know when she needs to go out and comes right back in as soon as you call her. Not sure how she’d do with a family with kids; she needs a lot of love and attention. I have yet to hear her bark and she barely ever whines though. She’s even happy to sleep in a crate at night.

I have yet to take her to the vet but I’m sure she needs to be spayed and all that other good stuff you have to do with a new puppy.

I put an ad on my local craigslist too (right here) and you can contact me through that, here, or at if you are interested in meeting her. I live in Springfield, TN which is about twenty minutes north of Nashville, TN.  

Thank you! 

Pooped puppy.

Yeah, she’s totally in my bed now. That escalated quickly.

I promise I’ll quit with the doggy pics for the night now. :)

So my grandmother first saw this little gal out in a field by her road last Wednesday. She thought she was some wild animal but then she saw her again on Friday, Saturday, and yesterday in the same place. She told me about it last night so I went up there today and sure enough this cutie was still out in the middle of the field. I was almost sure she was a melanstic or super dark cross fox when she first looked up and unfurled those huge ears, haha. 

Pretty sure that someone dumped her on the road that runs by that field and that she had just been sitting out there waiting for them to come back. She’s still pretty young, puppy teeth and all, and she’s absolutely skin and bones. Poor little gal. She’s passed out in my lap as I type this now. I’m guessing she’s some sort of terrier with this super wiry hair. I used to have a Cairn terrier and she looks fairly similar to her.

 Molly (my resident coonhound) is not a fan of other dogs so I don’t know if I’ll get to keep this gal or not but at least she’s warm, safe, and fed tonight and well on her way to finding a good home. :)

Russell and Sandy looking slightly less silly than they did in the previous pics I posted of them. Well, Sandy does anyway. Russell has his tongue sticking out like the big puppy dog he really is.