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I forgot to post pics of this boy all finished up! This is another skull my awesome farrier brought for me. It’s from a Polish Arabian horse and he was only around four years old when he died of natural although unknown causes.

The dogs of the lady that owned him gnawed part of his left orbit and the tip of his nasal bones off but he’s in great shape other than that. Love those fangs!

Coyote pics. They’ve all got captions if ya want to click through.

That’s all of the gory ones for the night!

Check out this weirdo!

I recently purchased this lot of raccoon skulls from a guy in MN who found them while out hiking.

The raccoon skull on the left in the first photo is from a massive old male (super wide orbits and a high sagittal crest) and it has some weird indents into the skull. No signs of healing bone from any sort of injury so it was likely a birth defect. Neat skull!