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Anonymous asked: Do you know of any good animal anatomy reference books or anything? I see so many doing articulations and all that good stuff or even just picking bones from pellets. It would be nice to know and recognize what bones are whAt :3

I always highly recommend that anyone interested in skeletons and articulations pick up at least one of Lee Post’s Bone Building Manuals. I have the small mammals, canine, and moose books and they are really stellar reference guides. I’m hoping to get some of the others soon!

As far as skull IDing goes, Animal Skulls by Mark Elbroch is the skull reference Bible as far as I’m concerned. For North American species at least. It’s an excellent book that’s full of hundreds of photos and illustrations.

And personally, I’ve adored Cyclopedia Anatomicae by Gyorgy Fehér and András Szunyoghy for years, so much so that I have two copies! It’s an artist’s reference book and covers human anatomy as well but it also has scads of illustrations of dog, cat, lion, horse, deer, pig, cow, and other animal bones and skeletons. Good way to learn what a lot of different bones look like.

There are some others out there (and hopefully one of these days I’ll get my own little mini guide finished!) but as far as learning what bones are what just familiarize yourself with basic anatomy (skull, mandible, scapula, cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, humerus, femur and so on) and then start to learn what animals are native to your area. Then do a lot of internet research! Search for photos of your native animals and what their bones look like and start studying!

So when you find a medium-sized jawbone with twelve sharp little teeth in it and you know that you have opossums in your area then you can bet that you’ve just found an opossum jawbone. Or if you find a large, triangular-shaped scapula and you know deer are native to your region then you have likely just found a deer scapula!

Hope that helps, Anon!

Bone sorting is very exciting work, haha. These are mouse, vole, and shrew bones.

I forgot to post pics of this boy all finished up! This is another skull my awesome farrier brought for me. It’s from a Polish Arabian horse and he was only around four years old when he died of natural although unknown causes.

The dogs of the lady that owned him gnawed part of his left orbit and the tip of his nasal bones off but he’s in great shape other than that. Love those fangs!

Horse Howl

Horse Howl

Pretty little collection of oddities. For sale in my Etsy shop!

Mouse and frog bones I found under a house today.

Mouse and frog bones I found under a house today.

Unique Curiosity Collection that just went up for grabs in my Etsy shop! Only $35!

The rabbit bones I found the other day. They’re macerating right now.

The rabbit bones I found the other day. They’re macerating right now.

Went blackberry picking out in the pasture this evening and I found somebody’s (likely a hawk) leftovers. Most of a cottontail skeleton. Looked all over the place for the skull but it was nowhere to be found unfortunately.