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Anonymous asked: i dont think should call little chickens "nuggets" bc they are made into nuggets on a daily basis on a massive scale. but it is cute

No worries, Anon. You are entitled to your opinion and I to mine. But it is just a fun little nickname so I’ll keep calling them that, probably even once they are all grown up. No harm no—wait for it—’fowl.’

"Nuggets" is also used in reference to gold and these little cuties are a lovely bright yellow. :)



oosik said: What are you going to do when some of them turn out to be males? Give them away? Segregate them?


Not sure yet! Just have to wait and see how it goes. :)

Anonymous asked: Are you raising the chickens for food, as pets, or half/half? (half laying hens half food is what i mean by that xD)

They’ll be pets for the most part with the added bonus of the eggs! I don’t eat meat so they don’t have to worry about becoming dinner, haha.

The Nuggets went on their first trip outside today. I think they had fun.

Anonymous asked: So was there a specific thing that got you into bone collecting?

I’ve always had a passion for exploring and learning about nature. I spent most of my time roaming the woods and fields around my home as a kid (still do today too, haha!) and I was always bringing home cool rocks, fossils, or shells that I found during my adventures.

I was about eight when I found my first skull, a little groundhog skull and after that I was hooked and always looking for more.

Bone collecting is treasure hunting and puzzle solving and recycling/salvaging all sorta rolled into one. It’s studying biology and ecology. And it’s art too!

I’m an artist with a strong interest in anatomy so collecting bones caters to that as well. It helps you to understand how things move and work when you can hold and study the bones that lie under the skin. And not only that but it’s fun to get to incorporate actual bones and skulls as canvases in my work!

bonesofautumn said: One of those kittens is in my collection and I smile every time you talk about them ^w^ They’re safe in a glass jar!


I love it! So glad it found such a great home with you! :D

Anonymous asked: Ooh serval kitten bones! Do you have pictures of them?

Here’s a picture of the skulls! The bones are in a jar at the other end of the house and I don’t feel like hobbling back there at the moment, haha.

As you can see the one on the far left sustained some damage because the bones were just so delicate that they practically disintegrated while macerating. Not my very best work but it was quite a few years ago. And they all did have to pretty much be rebuilt from scratch.

Keep in mind that these little dudes are all smaller than ping pong balls!

Anonymous asked: What was your most difficult piece to clean/preserve?

Oooh, that’s a good one. One of the hardest ones recently was that old Arabian/Quarter horse mare skull I finished up last fall. She was 26-years old and had some sort of degenerative bone disease that made the skull extremely fragile and porous so it was hard getting the remaining hair and fleshy bits out of the many holes in the delicate bone without damaging it further. And I usually really dislike sealing skulls but I did put a coat on her to prevent any further crumbling of the bone.

My bull elk skull was a pain too just because of his size and because his antlers were stupidly greasy.

The stillborn African serval kittens carcasses I cleaned a few years ago probably win for the most difficult pieces though. I didn’t have beetles at the time so I macerated them (which I highly advise against doing with such delicate pieces!) and the skulls nearly all fell apart and had to be rebuilt. The bone was so fragile that it was like gluing pieces of paper together. Extremely tedious but very rewarding work!

Anonymous asked: Sorry if this is too invasive, I only ask because I'm a young artist too: do you make a living or a decent amount from your bone work/art? I do similar work and I'm hoping to make at least a bit of my living from my work.

No worries, Anon!

I do fairly well, usually enough to pay the main bills and such but I’m definitely not where I want to be yet. I have other side jobs like working for my parents’ real estate business, helping them rehab houses and such, but a lot of my income does come from shop sales, commissions and the like.

Just be sure to keep at it, Anon. Your perseverance will pay off. And don’t sell yourself short. You put a lot of time and effort in your work and shouldn’t be afraid to ask a price that reflects that. A lot of artists ask too little for their work, hell I know I’m guilty of it too, but just be sure to realize your own worth as a creator and price accordingly. :)

Good luck! And if you feel like it, I’d love to see some of your work some time!