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Anonymous asked
What about your most interesting skulls? :D

Oh that’s a good one! Another tough one but still a good one! :)

The Crooked Doe! Back before she was cleaned because I haven’t taken a decent photo of her since then. She apparently suffered from sort of birth defect (it’s known as Wry Nose Syndrome in horses and it or a similar defect seems to affect other long-faced herbivores like cows and deer) that caused her skull to grow a little twisted.


This Mustang that used to belong to a friend of mine when he was alive. He was 20+ years old and apparently lost a tooth when he was young and while the hole never healed up all of his other teeth grew larger, even growing up to meet over the hole to make up for its loss. Back end of his skull is missing from the gunshot that put him down.image

Yogi the Mini Horse. In addition to have some really jacked up incisors Yogi met an unfortunate fate when another mini horse bit a Percheron that was grazing near Yogi on the rear. Naturally the Percheron was pissed so he kicked and clocked poor wrong place, wrong time Yogi right in the head, killing him instantly.image

Raccoon with a badly broken jawbone that sorta healed.image

Stillborn African Serval Kitten skull. I cleaned the complete carcasses of three of these darling little dudes a few years ago. That was before I discovered the beauty of dermestids so I macerated them and had to completely rebuild their skulls. The bone is paper thin and the skull is about as big as a ping-pong ball.image

And Phineas Gage again because I love him so much, haha. Horse skull that was likely kicked in the head by another horse, causing severe fractures that were in the process of healing when he died. Based on tooth wear he was still a pretty young horse, probably less than 7 or 8 so I think that injury eventually did him in. Still had some pretty large, gaping holes right into his brain case that hadn’t refused together.image

What happened to Smaug’s teeth?

Whoever had him before me pulled them out. Real shame, I’d love to have seen him with a complete set. Look how huge those root holes are! 

Someday I hope to get ambitious and make him some new ones!

unruly-fixation asked
How about your top 5 favorite skulls? I'm curious!

Oh nooo, this is always so hard, haha.

My Capybara is definitely in the top five thoughimage

Then the Jacob’s Ram boys

Phineas Gage the pathological horse

I know this is one too many but it’s the first pic I could find of them! Thor the Rottweiler, Bulldog, and the skull from a huge old black male wolf. That skull is right at a foot long.

Hope you don’t mind that I published this! I’m enjoying spreading the skull love tonight, haha. :D

Anonymous asked
What's the largest skull you currently have?

I’ve got a few big ‘uns. Some are wider, some are larger, some are heavier so here are my four biggest skulls:

Marvelle the Elk hanging above my dresser. His skull is about 19 inches long and his antlers are about 32 inches at their widest. Pretty small elk really but I love him. image

Billy Bob the Buffalo. He’s about 23 inches wide and 23 inches long.

Hank the Tank the Draft Horse. He’s about 28 inches long and 15 inches tall.

And Smaug the Alligator. He lived in captivity most if not all of his life and was easily about 14-15 feet long when he was alive. His skull is 26 inches long and 14 inches wide.

Oinker Variety Pack.
Huge domestic hog, feral hog, weathered old warthog, potbellied pig, month or so old domestic piglet, and two stillborn domestic piglets.

Oinker Variety Pack.

Huge domestic hog, feral hog, weathered old warthog, potbellied pig, month or so old domestic piglet, and two stillborn domestic piglets.

Hogzilla is finally finished! Huge feral hog (but that dished skull says escaped domestic pig) that was shot in Florida. He was said to have weighed about 265lbs but I think he may have weighed more than that. Huge old skull! I stripped a thick layer of white paint off him, degreased him, and whitened him so now he’s done and looking mighty purdy. :)

Picked some chestnuts with my mom and grandmother yesterday.

Picked some chestnuts with my mom and grandmother yesterday.

Anonymous asked
Alligator-skull here! Thanks for the reccomendation, I think I may very well just go with a real one (or a cheap aquarium ornament. it's not anatomically correct, but it'll give me the effect I want...I just need the jaws for a dragon mask.) I can't promise that you'll see much of the bones themselves when I'm done, but I'll definitely share pictures!

Hey there! No problem! Oh I’ve seen some of those aquarium ones that are pretty nice-looking. That might be a good way to go! 

Sounds awesome! I look forward to seeing it all and best of luck with your project! :) 

Anonymous asked
Do you mind if I ask why owning bird of prey items is illegal in the US?

Not at all, Anon! It’s all part of United States conservation laws. Birds of prey were not covered by the original Migratory Bird Treaty Act which was passed in 1918 in the US. That left them exposed and many people believed that they were destructive pests so it was basically open season on them.

Thousands of hawks, owls, eagles, and other birds of prey were poisoned or shot for fear of them killing livestock or other ‘prettier’ birds and just for the hell of it since there were no rules against it. This lead to a drastic decline in their populations so in the 1940s a new law was passed protecting our national bird, the Bald Eagle, and then later in the 1970s the MBTA was edited to include protection of all native birds of prey.

So since they are all protected unless you have a special falconer’s permit or are a member of a Native tribe (and have the paperwork and go through the right channels to prove it; pretty sure there are years-long waiting lists for Native Americans to obtain legal eagle feathers) then you cannot legally possess any part of a native bird of prey here.